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The City of Lometa, as of May 2021, established a fee schedule for zoning requests and permits, with both being required since 2019. See below for the costs associated with 

Official Permit Rate Fee Schedules


Zoning issues and document copies 


Zoning Change reviews/requests                                      

-          requires posting notification in newspaper and public hearing(s)



Special Use Permits                                                              

-          -requires published and mailed notice

-          -requires a public hearing



Historical District changes or plan review 



Building Permits

Base Permit                                                                           

-          Fence, carport, storage shed, remodel & new construction, driveway, etc.



Additional Charges

-          Requiring review and inspections 

-          Plan review, general contractors, other trade contractors (electric, plumbing, HVAC), demolition of structures, concrete slabs, etc.




Note: Owners performing work on their property, not using any sub-contractors, must adhere to ALL Zoning and Building regulations but only require a basic permit and fee.

Any questions can be directed to the City Secretary at 512-752-3331 or by email- 
You can also directly contact our, Building Inspector, Larry Koch at 512-955-2751 or at

You can print the permit, fill it out to the best of your ability, as we know some of the information asked for will not be applicable, and then you can bring it to City Hall or email it to at your convenience.
If you do not have access to a printer City Hall has copies available for you.

You can make your payment here.